Carbon CNC

A high performance CNC design.


Spindle or router option for milling of aluminum, wood, plastics, composites


Solid state laser option for engraving and cutting of wood, plastics, fabric, card stock, more


Draw knife option for cutting paper products, fabrics

Design Details

Linear profile rails and guides.  Ball screws.  High stiffness, well damped carbon composite frame.  37" x 25" x 6" working area.

Engineered to optimize accuracy, speed, strength, and cost.

About Carbon CNC

The main goal with this project was to create a high performance CNC machine that would be affordable, fully capable of milling aluminum with high speed and accuracy, in a platform that could easily fit in a home workshop, yet not so small as to limit its usefulness. Flexibility to mount any tool, and room for accessories and upgrades were also goals of the design.

The early focus has been on defining requirements and optimizing the design to achieve those requirements. The cost is minimized by performing detailed engineering analysis that enables a simple design using components that will work together to meet the design goals.


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